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Client: Origin12
Project: Brand Development & Website
Expertise: Brand Identity, Visual Identity System, Web Design


Project description

The client approached us with the need to create a new brand for a unique Technology Services Venture Capital business. We worked with the client to identify their value proposition ‘The most prestigious program for developing Technology Services Entrepreneurs. We will give you the guidance, training, moral support and financial backing you need to ensure you are positioned for success.’

And then developed brand naming ideas, settling upon Origin12. The name Origin12 refers to the year of conception and the fact that as this is a VC business many other start up companies will be founded from it- hence it is the source of ‘origin’.

We then developed the brand identity which well reflects the industry within which it operates which  is technology services. It is clean, modern, professional and innovative and the device used ‘to the power of’ adds another dimension to the visual story.

The approved identity was applied to a website which needed to be a responsive design with fluid proportion-based grids, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment. This gives the viewer the best brand experience regardless of the device they’re connecting with.

Brand touch-points

  • Brand Identity
    • Logo design
    • Visual identity system
  • Website
    • Responsive design (PC, Tablet & Smartphone)