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RiverCity Motorway

Client: Rivercity Motorway
Project: Brand Development
Expertise: Visual  Identity, Branding, Print Design

Brand touch-points

Visual identity (Incl. brand styleguide)

The RiverCity Motorway Group (RCM) had been contracted to build Brisbane’s first privately financed toll road, the North-South Bypass Tunnel.

The challenge was to integrate multiple stakeholder interests (RiverCity Motorway, joint venture partners and the Brisbane City Council) into a large scale uniform brand.

Our overall objective was to successfully elicit the support of the public for the tunnel project. We had to engender the belief that ‘RiverCity Motorway is going to be really good for me’. In order to do this we needed to find a consumer focused and commercially flexible proposition which was ‘RiverCityMotorway, Connecting People Sooner’.

The brands tone of voice and visual appearance needed to be honest, trustworthy, accessible and focused on delivering the best transport solution to the people of Brisbane. The resulting tagline for the brand encompassed all these traits… ‘Linking Brisbane Life’.